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VirtualBox is a program that allows you to create a virtual machine with the characteristics of this device. Download the program VirtualBox for free, we offer on our website


  • Простая установка

  • Предлагает многие из тех же функций, что и для коммерческих пакетов

  • Отличное совместное использование папок и поддержка USB


  • Не поддерживает перетаскивание

  • Недостатки расширенных функций коммерческих пакетов


VirtualBox free download

Version: 6.0.6

Policy: Free

Vendor: Oracle

Bittype: x32x64

Size: 166.69 mb

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Full description

VirtualBox will allow you to create a virtual computer on which you can install another operating system. Such a machine consists of the virtual components of a real PC or laptop. This refers to the hard drive, video editor, "RAM" and other components, without which it is impossible to imagine the computer. At the same time, the OS installation process will not differ in any way from the installation on a real PC. You can download the VirtualBox program in those cases when you need to study the operation of a new OS, software, etc.